Las Vegas Lights

Sports can create spirit and bring people together having something in common to root for. Las Vegas, known for our strip and casinos, is now becoming well known for our sports teams, the latest being the Las Vegas lights.

The Raiders are coming in 2019, the Golden Knights were introduced last year, and this year the Las Vegas Lights, our new soccer team, was welcomed. They became apart of our city after their first home opener on March twenty fourth against Reno at Cashman field. I talked to the starting right back or right center, Zak Drake, about how he feels about representing Las Vegas and his thoughts about our city.

“Now that I know what Las Vegas has to offer, I am a full on supporter of the city. After coming here and seeing the soccer community, but beyond that just the communities in general, you can actually read the family out here.”

Moving from the right field to the left field, I talked to the starting wing or left wing, Anuar Kanan about what he likes about the new team and what he expects from the whole team in the upcoming games.

“They’re very good players but everyone is a good person and it’s good to work there and play there. Improving our game, playing better, and all the positive things that have been shown in the last game.”

The Las Vegas lights previous game was against the Sacramento Republic, tying one to one. As of now they have won two games and tied twice. I’m Evyn Calverley, FST News.