Drug Abuse

As teenagers we might think that we are invincible, but what if we just can’t see the effects on the outside? FST News interns Reed Petersen and Ryan Enright tell us more.

Prescription drugs, alcohol, and marijuana sound like no big deal to high school students, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your health. Drugs are common at foothill and other high school campuses. According to police, prescription drugs are misused the most. CCSD Police Officer Chad Vanyo tells us the protocol when it comes to drugs.

“Obviously we make sure they’re safe first depending on what they took we have the nurse or medical respond to the school and then we go from there and go through the criminal part of it and the school handles it as well.

Health teacher Dena Trees tells us how alcohol affects the body.

“So alcohol obviously is you know affects the brain and it causes differences in how a person behaves, it also affects the liver, it affects every organ in the body”

According to CCSD accountability reports, in 2015 through 2016, 25 students were found and suspended or expelled for use of controlled substances. Finally, Vanyo explains the help available.

“When we used a last call a harbor program, you don’t have to get in trouble to go down there um, but they do have a lot of resources and a lot of money is pored into that program.”

Drugs have become a growing issue, but there are many programs to help.

Thanks guys. If you or someone else you know has a problem with controlled substances you can go to your counselors or deans in the office for help.