Fright Dome


Fifteen years in and Fright Dome is still just as scary. FST News got the chance walk the black carpet for a fifth year to go behind the scenes and see all the work that really goes in to scaring you senseless.

I got the chance to talk to the ringmaster

And these aren’t just randos terrorizing us, foothill alumni class of 2017, Lilliana Rubio found her calling here.

It’s not all just scares, celebrities like Miss Nevada and Miss Clark County’s outstanding teen were at the black carpet, ready to face fright dome…in heels.

Overall, fright dome creator, Jason Egan, says it best, locals are the reason fright dome is still alive and kicking every year to scare us to death.

For photographers Ariel Baires, Kady Oliphant, and Griffin Morrison, I’m Angela Ely

And I’m Zoe high. FST News.